Family as a Force Multiplier

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Following are a series of carefully selected resources that provide perspectives and experiences of various authors, most having military experience. These articles and podcasts are intended to stimulate further thinking and reflective application for individuals or to act as the basis of discussion in small groups.

Families should develop a support system

Take time to examine your own support system, or if you do not have one, get started now. The health of a marriage can often hinge upon the strength of the support system that has been established.

Additional Resources

OCF offers many extra resources as you continue digging into the subdomain of Family as a Force Multiplier.

  • Man holding smartphone that displays the title text of this Crosspoint podcast episode: Theological Implications of Addiction.

The Theological Implications of Addiction | Episode 23

What does scripture say about addiction? Can a Christian have an addiction? What does a biblical approach to recovery look like? Isn't Jesus enough? Our guest is Dr. John Thorington—a licensed professional counselor and is also certified as a Sexual Recovery Therapist by the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy.

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