Spiritual Warfare

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Recommended Resources

Following are a series of carefully selected resources that provide perspectives and experiences of various authors, most having military experience. These articles and podcasts are intended to stimulate further thinking and reflective application for individuals or to act as the basis of discussion in small groups.

Spiritual Battle Plans

I didn't realize what a difference my weekly Bible study and chapel service made until I went nearly four months in Iraq without them.

Is spiritual warfare real? Episode 35

Today, we’re talking about spiritual warfare, and our guest is MG Kurt Fuller, USA (Ret.). MG Fuller served 26 years as a paratrooper, 12 years in the Ranger Regiment, and 6 years in combat, including Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, Haiti, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Additional Resources

OCF offers many extra resources as you continue digging into the subdomain of Spiritual Warfare.

The Slippery Heart

Men and women of authority, education, and influence are particularly susceptible. Their gifting, potentially so helpful in service and leadership, spills over to coat the heart with ill-placed personal pride and assurance.

Combat Readiness

We must renew our commitment to study, discuss, pray over, and apply God’s Word to every aspect of our lives, knowing that we have the victory in Christ.

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