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This module addresses how faith can be operative and honors God in multiple ways as a Christ-follower serves in professional duties. It addresses the gospel nature of labor, a task given to mankind before the fall in the Garden of Eden. It highlights four broad areas in which faith is manifest in the military workplace. The main point to be drawn from this session is that our faith can be integrated fully—and fruitfully—in our professional work and workplace.

This module is further divided into the following topics:

  • Ambassadors For Christ: Allowing God to use my unique gifts, position and physical location to share the gospel.
  • Christian Officership: Thoughts on what it means to be a Christian officer, and practical suggestions for making a good first impression and establishing a positive environment in your unit.
  • Military Leadership: Serving others from a Biblical Perspective; the stewardship of leadership within our sphere of influence.
  • Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform: We must be mindful of both our legal and constitutional rights as well as our biblical responsibilities.
  • The Christian Nature of Military Service: May a Christian legitimately serve as a member of the military?

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Ambassadors for Christ
Christian Officership
Military Leadership
Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform
The Christian Nature of Military Service

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