Date Posted: 07/15/2019


Represent and conduct the ministry of Spring Canyon, in accordance with OCF and Spring Canyon Strategies, through supervising the intern and outdoor leadership programs and activities, or as directed by the Center Director or his designated representative.  Serve as a member of the Spring Canyon ministry team, with a focus on providing spiritual refreshment and blessing to every guest.  Conduct programs and activities at Spring Canyon that draw guests closer to Jesus Christ and make an impact on the way they live for Him.  Help ensure that Spring Canyon is a place where members and guests of OCF are emboldened in their faith and walk, equipped to live out their faith and run their race, encouraged along the entire course of their race, and engaged in their calling as they live out their lives.  Ensure maximum appropriate utilization of the conference center.

What are we looking for?
1.  That a clear sense of God’s calling to this specific and sacrificial work will become manifest through the hiring process.

2. A demonstrated strong and growing Christian faith and desire to be part of the Spring Canyon ministry effort. A passion to sacrificially serve with a whole heart (possibly at all hours of the day) to guests and staff through one of these two positions.

3. Ideally, but not essentially, someone transitioned or retired from military service with a strong and current professional and spiritual reputation.

4. Ideally, but not essentially, someone with a history in OCF and Spring Canyon or Christian camping/conference center ministry experience and leadership.

5. View service at Spring Canyon as a ministry calling rather than just a job. Be totally invested in the vision and mission of OCF and Spring Canyon, and serve with a whole heart (1 Sam 12:24 and Col 3:23-24).

6. Available soonest, but NLT 1 Dec 19; financial freedom to work for ministry-level compensation, and a workable family situation.

7. A reasonable expectation that the applicant will serve for at least 3-5 years.

Reports To: Center Director, Spring Canyon

Primary Responsibilites:

  • Live faithfully as a disciple of Jesus Christ and in obedience to God’s Word. Subscribe to the OCF Statement of Faith and Participation, and Biblical Guidelines for Member and Leader Conduct without reservation.  Be an active OCF member.
  • Responsible to disciple, counsel and teach subordinates, encouraging and equipping them for growth in their faith in Christ. Responsible to establish and maintain a healthy spiritual environment in which subordinates can work, learn, and develop.
  • Facilitate adult discussions and Bible studies, as assigned; help set a Christ-honoring spiritual tone for the conference center. Lead prayer and devotional times with subordinates as appropriate to promote their spiritual growth.
  • Team–Contribute to the success of Spring Canyon by being an integral part of the ministry team and by supporting the Center Director to create a God-honoring environment where people encounter Christ and are encouraged in their walk. Contribute to the fullness of the “heartbeat” of Spring Canyon and encourage God-loving relationships with every staff and family member at Spring Canyon.

 Develop and Supervise Intern Discipleship Program

  • In coordination with the Center Director and ministry team, develop a Spring Canyon Intern Discipleship Program. Provide leadership, management, and direction for this program.
  • Develop and direct the discipleship curriculum to include teaching of basic Christian doctrines, Christian apologetics and worldview and instruction in Christian living. Teach, counsel, mentor and disciple the interns in spiritual matters in and out of the classroom.  Lead prayer times and devotional Bible studies to help them gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and love for the Lord.
  • In addition to the spiritual discipleship matters listed above, mentor, coach and teach the interns on personal and professional matters. Coordinate guest speakers to speak on relevant topics.  Plan and execute special events for teambuilding and development.  Develop marketing and communications materials to promote the program.
  • Recruit, evaluate, and participate in a selection process to hire new interns each year. Conduct routine evaluations of the intern’s performance and development.  Plan, coordinate, and supervise an intern orientation program to “on-board” the interns to Spring Canyon and the Intern program.
  • Develop a personal relationship with each intern in order to provide regular discipleship, counseling and mentorship to them on spiritual matters, as well as personal and professional development matters.
  • Develop relationships with colleges and universities that will provide academic credits for some of the class work and professional experience the interns will achieve during their time in the program. Intent is to be able to provide the interns an opportunity to get some constructive academic credit for the work and experience they gain during the program.

Supervise Outdoor Leadership

Serve as the primary Outdoor Leader for Rocky Mountain High, Father Teen Adventure, and Climb Together.

  • Integrate outdoor leadership, facilities, and activities into all Spring Canyon ministry areas to maximize ministry impact and guest experience.
  • Along with the other Spring Canyon leadership team members, teach leadership and how to integrate faith within the military profession, family, and community.
  • Gain and maintain appropriate skills and technical expertise in backpacking, camping, rock climbing, rappelling, and ropes courses to properly supervise the outdoor guide staff and to safely conduct all the required outdoor leadership activities.
  • Gain/retain outdoor certifications (or equivalent military experience) such as:
    • Wilderness First Responder
    • Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Challenge Course Manager Certification.
  • In coordination with the Director, Facilities and Maintenance, serve as the primary caretaker of facilities and equipment at Camp Buxton including equipment inventory, maintenance, replacement and log keeping.
  • Coordinate use and service days with US Forest Service. Update and submit Operations Plan to USFS each year and coordinate to pay appropriate fees.
  • View your service at Spring Canyon as a ministry calling rather than just a job. Be totally invested in the purpose and vision of OCF and Spring Canyon, and serve with a whole heart (1 Sam 12:24 and Col 3:23-24).
  • Any other duties the Center Director or his designated representative may assign (e.g., maintenance tasks, snow removal, guest support, housekeeping, kitchen and dining room crew, teaching, etc., particularly during the non-Summer/off-season months).

Working Conditions:

Serves at Spring Canyon and resides on Spring Canyon property in staff housing, or obtains own housing in the vicinity of Buena Vista, CO. This is a regular, full-time, exempt position (paid on a salary basis) and the working hours required will be as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the ministry. Due to the nature of Conference Center ministry, regular, full-time exempt employees living in conference center housing are on-call 24 hours per day with no provision for direct compensation. Being on-call does not prohibit employees from effectively controlling their time or leaving the premises.  This position may be required to work irregular hours in order to meet guest needs.  Occasional out-of-town and some local travel is required.

To apply or for more information: or call 719-659-3275