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Date Posted: 10/12/2023


To serve as the primary assistant to the Center Director for the maintenance, repair, and material improvement of all WSS facilities, grounds, vehicles and equipment in a way which honors and exemplifies Jesus Christ.  Serve as a member of the WSS Ministry Team, with a focus on providing spiritual refreshment and blessing to every guest that comes to WSS. Responsible to disciple, counsel and teach subordinates, encouraging and equipping them for growth in their faith in Christ.

Reports To: Paul Robyn, Center Director

Primary Responsibilities:

Support the WSS Center Director and the ministry of the Officers’ Christian Fellowship, helping to provide a safe place for military members, their families and other guests to find spiritual and physical refreshment, grow in Christ’s likeness, experience fellowship with the larger family of God and become equipped for service, witness, and leadership in their military calling.

Responsible to disciple, counsel and teach subordinates, encouraging and equipping them for growth in their faith in Christ. Responsible to establish and maintain a healthy spiritual environment for subordinates to work, learn and develop in. Lead devotionals and prayer at staff meetings as assigned.  Lead prayer and devotional times with subordinates as appropriate to promote their spiritual growth.

Provide daily supervision of the Facilities Interns, Fellows, Senior Staff, Support Team and any other volunteers or temporary employees that work in the Facilities arena. Responsible to ensure the quality and timeliness of their work and to ensure they display a hospitable, helpful and professional attitude when interacting with our guests and staff members.

Serve as primary director for facility, grounds and maintenance needs; i.e. repair, maintenance and construction required for all buildings, systems, equipment, grounds and vehicles.

Establish a preventive maintenance program for buildings, vehicles and systems.  Ensure all deferred maintenance projects are recorded and tracked.

Assist the Center Director in development of the annual ministry plan and budget. Approve expenditures within the facilities budget and sign checks when needed.

Plan for the semi-annual OCF Volunteer Work Periods. In coordination with the Center Director, Volunteers Coordinator and other ministry team members, create the project list, recommend assignment of staff and volunteer leaders.   Coordinate the gathering of needed materials, supplies and tools to perform the work.  Act as overall coordinator for the work periods and coordinate with and support the interior tasks as appropriate (decorating, mending/sewing, and cleaning).

In coordination with the Programs Director and Guest Services Manager, ensure guest quarters and common areas are in good repair for each scheduled guest group and deficiencies noted during a stay are promptly addressed.

Have the ability to become certified as a water system and wastewater system operator in PA within the first 2-3 years on the job in order to safely manage the WSS systems.

Serve as needed in the dining room with meals and with room changeovers as part of the WSS Ministry Team. Lead prayers and devotional times at meals as assigned.

Maintain sufficient supplies for repair needs. Keep track of actual versus budgeted expenses.

Other duties as assigned by the Center Director.


Required:  These are the minimum required qualifications in order to effectively execute the duties of Facility Director.

Must be a mature Christian and able to serve as a minister of the Gospel in example and conduct, able to mentor other believers, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to selflessly serve the mission of WSS.

Must possess the broad mechanical aptitude and experience to be able to understand, assess, maintain, repair, and replace all WSS facility assets.

Must have the leadership and organizational skills to prioritize, plan, organize, and lead work projects

Must have the relational skills to get along with and work with other staff members, volunteers, outside contractors, and guests.

Must posses a “can-do,” resourceful, frugal, and tenacious attitude to enable troubleshooting unfamiliar problems, 24/7 quickly respond to emergency maintenance needs, and minimize the need for hiring outside technicians.

Must be physically fit enough to set the example of physical effort in all types of outdoor and indoor work.

Desired: These are other qualifications that are not essential but are very helpful for the Facility Director.

It is helpful to have a served in the military or at least have an understanding of the military in general.

It is also helpful to has a history with OCF.

Specific experience and interest in a broad range of mechanical, outdoor, indoor, or other type of hands-on-work only enhances the Facility Directors confidence and skill set.

It’s helpful to be able to find solutions for physical plant needs with on-hand or less expensive resources and uses for the many on-hand WSS resources (timber, game, hay fields, shale, wild game, etc.)

Working Conditions:

This is a full-time, benefit eligible, exempt position. This position and opportunity should be viewed as a calling to serve and be part of the WSS ministry, not just another job.  Working hours will be as necessary to accomplish the responsibilities of the ministry.  Normal work hours: 0800-1700 (including 1 hour lunch break) on weekdays; work hours as scheduled on weekends and throughout the Summer and Winter seasons to support ministry activities and requirements.  Day off: Monday under normal conditions and either Sunday or Tuesday as the weekend duty rotation schedule allows. Day off during the Summer and Winter seasons will be determined by the Program Director as the duty schedule is developed for each of those seasons.

Compensation for this position includes annual salary of approximately $36,000 with housing at WSS provided (including utilities), medical benefits (majority paid by OCF), retirement benefit, paid time off, and a food benefit due to access to the WSS dining room for some meals.

To apply or for more information: [email protected] or call 814-623-5583