Date Posted: 08/24/2021


Develop and sustain a ministry of the OCF in accordance with the Vision, Mission, Purpose and Strategic Framework.

Reports To: Colin Wooten

Primary Responsibilities:

The OCF Field Staff Representative is responsible for developing lay-indigenous ministry at NAVSTA Newport and helping OCF positively impact the military community at large, in particular the maritime community. This Field Staff member develops, grows and sustains a local ministry team of volunteers in order to teach, train, equip and exhort military members to live a life of integrated Christian service in uniform. Work is done amongst officer candidates, officers, senior non-commissioned officers, civilians, retirees and the families of these leaders.

Specific responsibilities of this position:

  1. Disciple military members that they might come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that many will obey Christ’s commands. The goal is increasing maturity in Christ.
  2. Develop, train, and lead a team of OCF members who execute the Newport OCF ministry plan.
  3. Equip military members for OCF membership, participation and leadership responsibility.
  4. Equip and train military members to understand military service under a secular governmental authority. Help them to integrate their faith with their personal and professional lives, becoming effective partners in the gospel at future temporary, deployed and permanent assignments.
  5. Maximize military members exposure to OCF Conference Center programs.
  6. Develop an annual ministry plan and budget.
  7. Conduct fundraising activities as necessary to support OCF and the Newport ministry.
  8. Travel in order to build/sustain relationships with ministry team and OCF members, to encourage or train OCF leaders, and to gain a regularly renewed understanding of life out in the military field.
  9. Connect departing members with their gaining installation’s OCF in order to promote their continuing service and growth.
  10. Support local OCF leaders at other bases, schools, locations as assigned by the Director of Field Operations.
  11. Host classes, Bible studies, retreats and special events for US (active duty, reserve, national guard, civilian) and international students, dependents, and the military community.
  12. Support the chaplaincy while also synchronizing OCF’s military ministry with local churches and parachurch organizations.

Required Qualifications and Skills:  The FSR at Newport must have experience living out their faith as a Christ-follower on active duty in the U.S. military, preferably in the sea service community. The FSR must exhibit character qualities consistent with 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.  The FSR must be able to teach the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15; 4:2) to encourage and equip those in their charge to live biblically at the intersection of faith, family and profession. The FSR should be able to provide biblical counseling. The FSR must be able to develop and maintain relationships with volunteer OCF leaders, military chaplains, OCF members in the Newport community, and local church leaders.

Working Conditions:

Reside in the vicinity of Newport, RI.  We desire the Newport Field Staff Representative to reside within a 20 minute or less commute of the base, where most of the ministry will likely occur.  Travel by air or land is required in order to attend periodic council meetings and staff conferences, and to conduct various other OCF ministry.  This is a full-time, exempt position and the working hours required will be as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the ministry.

Starting Salary Target for Consideration: $64,000

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Colin Wooten with any questions about the duty and position.


To apply or for more information: [email protected] or call 303-761-1984