Date Posted: 03/10/2022


The Cook works for the Director of Food Services and supervises and trains Cooks-in-Training, Cook’s Assistants, and summer staff and volunteers.  Serves as a member of the Spring Canyon ministry team, with a focus on refreshing and blessing guests and staff through food service and hospitality.  Performs hands-on food preparation and cooking in order to serve high quality, nutritious, tasty, attractive and well-balanced meals in a spirit of Christian hospitality.  Considers the dietary needs of guests (e.g., allergies, vegetarian, etc.); maintains a thorough knowledge of dietary needs and the ability to prepare substitute meals.  Maintains skill and experience using a variety of kitchen equipment (grill, range, mixer, Rational Combi and convection ovens, etc.).  Develops a thorough knowledge of cooking methods such as: braising, searing, poaching, grilling, sauté, baking, etc.  Earns and maintains ServSafe Manager certification.  When assigned Housekeeping duties, works under supervision of the Housekeeping Lead to ensure clean, orderly, and attractive guest facilities.

Spring Canyon is a retreat and conference center in Buena Vista, CO, about 120 miles west of Colorado Springs.  Since 1962, Spring Canyon has served military families, couples, singles, and Christian groups from across the world as a “home away from home” for community and fellowship.  It is nestled in the beautiful Collegiate Peaks on the edge of the famous Arkansas River Valley, and is a Christ-centered sanctuary for military families, groups and individuals, where the presence of God transforms lives.  When guests drive down from the mountain after a retreat, our desire is that they are refreshed, equipped, and inspired to serve in the name of Jesus Christ, wherever God has called them.

Reports To: Todd Plotner, Director of Operations

Primary Responsibilities:

What are we looking for? 

  1. That a clear sense of God’s calling to this specific and sacrificial work will become manifest through the hiring process. This is the preeminent criteria and trumps all else below.
  2. A demonstrated strong and growing Christian faith and desire to be part of the Spring Canyon ministry team.
  3. A passion to minister to both guests and staff through competent, cheerful, and generous food service and hospitality.
  4. Ideally, but not essentially, someone transitioned from military service, with a strong professional and spiritual reputation.
  5. Ideally, but not essentially, someone with a history in OCF and Spring Canyon or Christian camping/conference center ministry experience and leadership.
  6. Experience with a variety of cooking methods, including braising, searing, poaching, grilling, sauté, baking, etc. – and an eager willingness to learn.
  7. ServSafe Manager certified; or the willingness and ability to become Manager certified within 3 months of hiring.
  8. A humble willingness to serve where needed most, including teaching young adult Cooks-in-Training and Cook’s Assistants and performing Housekeeping duties.
  9. View service at Spring Canyon as a ministry calling rather than just a job. Be totally invested in the vision and mission of OCF and Spring Canyon, and serve with a whole heart (1 Sam 12:24 and Col 3:23-24).
  10. Available soonest, but no late than 1 June 2022; financial freedom to work for ministry-level compensation, and a workable family situation.
  11. A reasonable expectation that the applicant can and will serve for at least 3-5 years.

Working Conditions:

Serves at Spring Canyon and resides on Spring Canyon property in staff housing, or obtains own housing in the vicinity of Buena Vista, CO.   This is a regular, full-time, hourly position. This position may be required to work irregular hours in order to meet guest needs. IAW COMPS #38, effective January 1, 2022, the annual salary will be $26,000.  The benefits of this position include housing for the employee on conference center property.  It is anticipated that the employee will live on conference center property due to the relatively high cost of local housing, unless the employee already resides in the local area.  Additionally, meals are often available to the employee and dependent family members, when Spring Canyon is serving programs and retreats – although Spring Canyon does not guarantee the availability of meals.  Occasional out-of-town and some local travel is required.

To apply or for more information: [email protected] or call 719-395-2328