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Local Leader: Lt Col Jay Pullins, USAF (Ret), Email: [email protected], Phone: (907) 244-3369, Day and Time: This community is open to anyone who desires to be empowered and equipped to...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  JB Elmendorf/Richardson

Local Leaders: CPT Zach Kier, USA and  1LTs Steele and Natalie Sessions, USA Email:  [email protected]   or  [email protected] Phone: (252) 732-4340  or  (210) 882-7083 Day and Time: Friday nights at 1800....

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Fort Wainwright

Local Leader: Col Eric Ash, USAF Email: [email protected] Cell: (907) 830-6168 Day & Time: Fri 1900

 United States Groups and Contacts /  JB Elmendorf/Richardson

Local Leader: CWO4 Jay Menze, USCG (Ret) Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Mon 1200 CEU Juneau Conference Rm

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Juneau

Local Leader:  LTJG Jonathan Cardinal, USCG Email: [email protected] Phone: (801) 888-3943 We meet Thursdays at 1130 at the CG Base Kodiak Galley (next to MWR Pizza Parlor). We welcome all active...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Kodiak Coast Guard Support Center

Contact: Colonel Marc Luiken, USAF (Ret), Email: [email protected], Phone: 907-382-1776, Contacts are available to enable Christian fellowship and provide local information.

 ROTC /  University of Alaska/Anchorage

Local Leader: CW2 Toby & Deanna Scott, USA Email: [email protected] Day & Time: 1st, 3rd, 5th Sat Study at King's Chapel - Wasilla Church for entire community

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Wasilla