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Local Leader: MAJ Mark & Desiree Prugh, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Sun at 1100 Meets at Waynesville United Methodist Church

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Fort Leonard Wood

Local Leader: COL Chad & Elizabeth Ramskugler, USA Email: [email protected]  Phone: (414) 458-4460 Local Groups: Wednesday at 1730 for dinner and small groups at the Main Post Chapel (or Navigators...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Fort Leonard Wood

Hospitality Home: Chad & Elizabeth Ramskugler Email: [email protected] Phone: (414) 458-4460 Additional Information: Welcome to the Ramskugler Residence! We live on base and would be thrilled to host individuals or...

 Hospitality Home /  Fort Leonard Wood