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Contact: Chaplain (LTC) Todd & Kristin Cheney, USAG Email: [email protected]  Phone: (925) 783-0639 OCF contacts are available to provide local information. I serve as the Deputy Garrison Chaplain for USAG...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Germany

Country Coordinator: Matt and Heather McWhirter, Email: [email protected], Phone:  WhatsApp +1-206-234-4850   German Cell +49 1522 9892794, Additional Information: Heather and I are happy to assist anyone moving to Germany. Please...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Germany

Leader: LTC Ted and Beverly Kaiser (USA), Email: [email protected], Phone: +49(0) 152-2773-2861, Day and time: Thursday at 1900, After dinner study with light snacks and (decaf) coffee.

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Kaiserslautern

Local Leaders: Jessica & Michael Rangoonwala and Gared & Julia Bowers, Email: [email protected], or [email protected], Phone: via WhatsApp +491605257485, for the most updated information Monthly food and fellowship potluck. Contact...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Ramstein Air Base

Leader: Pastor Tim Carentz, Email: [email protected], Day & Time: Rhema Cafe, open Sun 0900-1800, Mon-Sat 0600-2300. Christian café which hosts 5-10 classes a day, daily events, and training. Have 4 pastors...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Rhema Cafe: Kaiserslautern

Leader: Joe and Jill Vincent, Email: [email protected], Day & Time: Thur 1800, Dinner at 1800 (please bring children fed), Bible study at 1900, Singles, families and all ranks are welcome....

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Spangdahlem

Local Leader: John Gerlach, Email: [email protected], Day & Time: Thursday, 0630 - 0730, Men's Bible Study meets at Kelley Barracks, Deutsche Kantine.

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Stuttgart

Local Leader: Gary and Becky Walenda Email: [email protected] Additional Information:  Fridays from 1900 to 2030. Kids are welcome and Snack will be available.  Location:  Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart.

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Stuttgart

Contact: Daniel & Casey Houseworth Email: [email protected] OCF contacts are available to provide local information

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Stuttgart