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Contact: Capt Jessica Rangoonwala, USAF, Email:, OCF contacts are available for local information.

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Ramstein Air Base

Leader: Pastor Tim Carentz, Email:, Day & Time: Mon-Thur 0700 - 2100, Fri 0700 - 2200, Sat 0900 -...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Rhema Cafe: Kaiserslautern

Leader: Joe and Jill Vincent, Email:, Day & Time: Thur 1800, Dinner at 1800 (please bring children fed), Bible...

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Spangdahlem

Local Leader: Robert Munson, Email:, Day & Time: Thur 0600 - 0700, Men's Bible Study meets at Kelley Barracks,...


Local Leader: Steve Sobczak Email:, Day & Time: Tues 1200 Additional Info: Men's study at the Sembach Kaserne Chapel

 Overseas Groups and Contacts /  Sembach