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Local Leaders: LTC Greg Lane, USAR (Ret) and LTC Lucy Lane, USAR (Ret) Email: [email protected], Phone: 931-217-0024 (Cell) or 931-647-8279 (Home). Contact us for meeting details.

 1. United States Groups and Contacts /  Kentucky

Local Leader: LTC Bob Deckard, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Bible study leader: Dr. Tim Murphy Email: [email protected]. Day & Time: Sundays at 1400 to 1530. (No studies on federal holiday...

 1. United States Groups and Contacts /  Kentucky

Hospitality Home: COL Steve Schmidt, USA Phone: (913) 680-7837 Email: [email protected] Additional Information: We welcome you as our guest for a meal or an overnight stay. We can host up...

 4. Hospitality Homes /  Kentucky

Local Leader: 2nd Lt Jason Sanderson, USAF, Email: [email protected], Phone: (502) 330-1506, Day and Time: Weekly on Tuesdays at 1130. KYANG Bible study. All are welcome! Contact Jason for more...

 1. United States Groups and Contacts /  Kentucky

ROTC Local Leader: Bob Deckard Email: [email protected] Phone: 317-997-6623 Please contact me for meeting dates and times.

 3. ROTC Groups and Contacts /  Kentucky