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Local Leader:LT, Mark Funke USCG,AD, Email:[email protected], Phone: (864) 554-5508, Day & Time: 3rd Friday of Month at 1800, Light refreshments will be provided. We have two children and a playset...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Cleveland

ROTC Local Leader: LTC Gwynn & Kit Vaughan, USA (Ret) Email: [email protected] Day & Time: Wednesday @ 1800 Converse Hall CDT/MID

 ROTC /  Ohio State University

Contact: Lt Col Jeff and Grace Silliman, USAF (Ret), Email: [email protected], Cell: (567) 298-5416, OCF contacts are available to provide local information.

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Toledo

Local Leader: Maj Vic and Marsha Grazier, USAF (Ret), Email: [email protected], Phone: (937) 427-2247, Day & Time: Monday and  Thursday at  1900. Meets at leader's home

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Wright-Patterson AFB

Local Leader: 1st Lt, Anna Demoret, USAF, Email: [email protected], Phone: (321) 506-4255, Day & Time: Mondays at 1900, Women’s Bible Study, Occurs at the off-base military housing. Most of the...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Wright-Patterson AFB