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Local Leader: Gwynn Vaughan Email: gwynn42@gmail.com Day & Time: Sat 0700 "No Regrets" men only. Meets at 6200 Linworth Rd

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Worthington

Team Leader: Maj. Vic & Marsha Grazier, USAF (Ret), Email: vicandmarsha@aol.com Phone: 937.427.2247 Day & Time: Thur 1900 Meets at...

 United States Groups and Contacts /  Wright-Patterson AFB

ROTC Local Leader: LTC Gwynn & Kit Vaughan, USA (Ret) Email: kit.vaughan45@gmail.com Day & Time: Thur at 1900 Converse Hall...

 ROTC /  Ohio State University

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