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Predicting the Future

[…]the above as a backdrop, a commentary on mankind reveals that people have always tried to replace random chaos with some type of order. Stated another way, most people do not like to take risks, and want to envision a secure future. Security is an attempt to replace the elements of the unknown with predictable outcomes. Hence, life insurance, or any insurance, is an ordering mechanism that tries to take the possibility of something unforeseen happening, and tries to predict an outcome that will keep us whole or stable. The Bible speaks to our nature in doing this. First, God’s […]

Spiritual Success

[…]church congregation, a Bible study, or para-church organization. Read the Bible and pray daily if possible. Do it like Physical Training. Find a prayer partner to get with every week. When you are given the opportunity to talk to your platoon/unit, tell them who you are and include in a matter of fact way that you are a Christian. Do not preach to them; you are not paid to do that. Just inform them of the “stuff” that helps you make decisions. Be physically fit and try to set the standard in military bearing and professionalism. Remember God will never […]

Strong to the Finish

[…]a time when God seems out of reach. Maybe your mind has raced to the worst possible conclusion and you are overcome by worry, disappointment, and fear. You may be at a point at which people are no longer allies but enemies as you fight to faithfully fulfill your responsibilities. Remember, God is at work in the midst of your struggles, helping you learn more about the love, strength, wisdom, and peace that only He can provide. Dan is the president of Encouragement FM, a former Christian camp director, and a past chair of the CCCA Board of Directors. This […]

Test Me!

[…]stewards of what God gives us.This includes not only our money, but also our possessions, and our time, and our health, and our career. Part of spiritual warfare is looking at all aspects of your life and seeing if God is in charge of each and every aspect. Is God in charge of your finances? If not, it’s time to “Test […]


[…]all we can do during that time is to groan in response to his burden upon our hearts. God understands and answers! Therefore, if we respond properly to God, nothing is impossible, because even when we don’t know how to tackle the problem in prayer, the Spirit along with us will take hold of the problem and it will be properly taken care of. Thus we become dearly beloved workers-together with God every step of the way. Difficult but triumphant is this life in Christ. Let us continue walking in the Spirit in the train of His […]

Ways to Give

[…]out of your bank account instead of your pay account. I have a form for you to fill out and send in along with a voided check so I can verify the bank routing number and your account number. Credit CardYet another option is to have your monthly contribution charged to your credit card. I also administer this personally at the beginning of each month. If you would like to contribute using your credit card, please contact me. Thank you very much for your support of and interest in the ministries of Officers’ Christian Fellowship. It is vital to the […]

We Know This Place Too Well

[…]who has been his counselor? Who has ever given to God, that God should repay him?’ For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen” (Romans 11:33-36). We know this place too well… Living in a State of Wonder When did we stop living in a state of wonder? Remember when we first got here for BCT, how we didn’t know where anything was and we were constantly surprised and we couldn’t wait for every last bite at Mitch’s? The surprises weren’t always good.  But there was mystery, excitement, apprehension, […]
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