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Impact Your Military Community!

[…]had twelve people (half of which were the chaplain’s family) and the service was dead. My wife and I prayed through an extensive list of changes we wanted to see in the chapel. Item by item, God began to answer, and within a few months He transformed the chapel. He raised up a handful of dedicated Christians in the congregation and brought in a chaplain who wanted to reach the military for Jesus. It was not long before the congregation grew to over 100. From these, God raised up a ten-member praise band to lead worship, a full-fledged choir, and […]

Interview with Chaplain Beach

[…]a friendship and maintain contact with the chaplain regardless of differences in theology. Pray for and with one another when you can. Find positive ways to express and discuss your differences. Make OCF or personal ministries part of the Command Religious Program by staff procedures that show you are acting openly in accord with military customs and regulations. Participate in the chapel if you can. If God leads you to a local church, try to find ways to serve and ways to participate in events at the chapel. Adapted from COMMAND magazine 1982. At that time, Chaplain Beach was commanding […]

Letter to My Sergeant

[…]was elected to the OCF Council Class of 2002. Stu culminated a 23 year career with battalion command, and retired 1 August 2001. Stu, wife Kay and son Logan reside in Copperas Cove, Texas. Their other two children, Stuart IV and Erin, attend the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, […]

Mortal Enemies

[…]Jesus for the first time. I understood the meaning of His death as a substitute for my wickedness and so in prayer, I requested Him to forgive my sins and change me from a bitter, disillusioned ex-pilot into a well-balanced Christian with purpose in living. On that day I became a new person. My complete view on life was changed by the Christ I had always hated and ignored before. Soon friends and family learned of my decision to be a follower of Christ, and they could hardly understand it. New Life in Christ Big headlines appeared in the papers: […]

Re-entry Reminders

[…]end, returning military men and women and their families will be challenged with unique deployment and re-entry issues. Ilene Stubbs offers suggestions–and the timelessness of God’s wisdom–for managing the process of reunion and readjustment.   Normal has changed for everyone. Be patient–it takes time to get into a routine. Soldiers haven’t been on a vacation. Expect your household to be different. Keep life as routine as possible. Take time to re-adjust to one another. Go slowly. Communicate feelings. Anxiety is normal. Discuss frustrations. Accept that we are all different. Initial discomfort in adjusting doesn’t mean your spouse is unhappy with […]

Service Separations

[…]Don’t let them work against you; make them work for you! Marriages can grow even though husband and wife are separated by distance. If nothing else, separations force you to focus on the major good qualities of your mate, rather than his minor idiosyncrasies. When you are with a person all the time, little things like socks on the floor or newspapers scattered all over become progressively irritating. It’s easy to start taking each other for granted. Sometimes a few weeks of separation help to get perspectives back in focus as to what is really important! Once we were visiting […]
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