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How Shall We Pray?

[…]peace for those who grieve, and relationships reconciled. But as I pray for those things, I pray first and foremost that the purposes of God be fulfilled and that glory be brought to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For through God’s purposes and glory, we will be bound to the One who loves us, to love and worship Him for eternity. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither […]

I Only See Green

[…]and to accept heartfelt apologies. We can only do that by putting our hearts and eyes on Christ and by praying for the strength to love one another unconditionally. Racism could end in a day. That day when all of God’s children accept Jesus Christ as Savior and vow to try to live up to His teachings. People would know that we are all created in the perfect image of God (Gen 1:27). We all descended from Adam and Eve so no matter what race we are, we all come from the same blood (Acts 17:26). God wants to save […]

Implicit Trust

[…]and, springing into the path of the frightened animal, seized the bridle, brought the horse to a stand and replaced the reins into the Emperor’s hands. In recognition and reward for the soldier’s devotion, Napoleon said, as he secured the reins in his hands, “Thank you, Captain.” Without hesitation the soldier came to attention, saluted his imperial master and inquired, “Of what regiment, sir?” Charmed by the soldier’s complete faith and unquestioning confidence in his word, the Emperor responded, “Of my own guards,” and then, turning his mount, he rode away at a gallop. Immediately the soldier lay down his […]

Preparing for Active Duty

[…]included outstanding Christian role models, wonderful fellowship and worship, solid Bible study and prayer times, meaningful one-on-one discipleship, inspiring retreats at Spring Canyon, strong Christian relationships, great food, and Rocky Mountain High. Clearly, these cadets had a great first experience with OCF! Then I asked them the same two questions I ask each new class of students at Maxwell: 1) What would happen if every flight commander, every squadron commander, every wing commander were “on fire” for the Lord Jesus? What would your Air Force look like? 2) How are you going to make a Kingdom difference during your career? […]

Share this spiritual gift with your teen

[…]Colorado Springs and a visit to the AF Academy. Later, we attend Mass in the Cadet Chapel, kneel and pray together. We spend some time just talking about things. Later, Brian and I talk about the week. “We need to do this again, Dad. This was fun, and it was……special. I really did enjoy this,” he tells me. Yes, we both did.   Lieutenant Colonel Phil Tilly, USA, is an OCF member. He leads the University of Cincinnati Army ROTC Battalion. He and his wife, Jeanne, also have a daughter, […]

Soldiers of Faith: Washington

[…]should have beaten them. Much has been written about Washington the hero, Washington the commander, and Washington the President. Unfortunately, historians have often missed the mark on why Washington possessed such strong qualities of leadership and character. His Christian faith was the most potent force in his life and yet, to read modern history, one could never learn what truly set Washington apart from his peers. Some revisionist historians today even suggest that Washington was a deist, though there is no scholarly evidence to support such a claim. These historians further claim that it was Washington’s luck, combined with Yankee […]

Stretchmark Sorority

[…]raising children to know and love and walk with our Lord. We share with our mothers and grandmothers the experiences of nursing our children’s fevers, cheering their accomplishments, and constantly kneeling before our God in their behalf. Our Lord cares enough to give us this sense of family, tradition, and connectedness as we seek to walk with him and to be the godly mothers of our own generation, alive with the encouragement, consolation, praise, and laughter of one another. Yes, it is a wonderful sisterhood indeed! “The counsel of the Lord stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation […]

What Are Parents to Do?

[…]least by ourselves. But we can, and do, seek God’s loving embrace of Darren and his unit, and pray unceasingly that God will grant them safety, good health, strength, courage, and success in their mission. He is truly in God’s hands now. There were so many uncertainties as Darren began his first deployment. We were unsure of the environment and the type of operations he would be involved in. Our minds were full of questions: How would he do? Would he try to be a hero? Would he stay healthy? Would he have access to email or a phone? We […]
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