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The Jungles of War

[…]nothing was resolved. Try as I might, I couldn’t make sense of my calling, my feelings, my day-to-day actions as a front line infantry officer. In June of 1966 this came to a head as we were briefed on an upcoming operation that threatened a large number of casualties on both sides. I went to the Lord the night before we were to land on top of a North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regiment. I insisted before the Lord that I had to know what to pray for regarding the enemy. I had no problem praying for my men, for myself […]

TTP – Competition

[…]thy neighbor as thyself?” I learned a very useful technique for achieving this balance in Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. Early in the course, the staff sergeant in charge, our “Sergeant Instructor,” sat us down for instruction on the roles and missions of the various military services. We were expecting a presentation praising the Marine Corps and putting down the rest of DOD. Instead, our Sergeant Instructor presented the different services this way, “The United States Air Force is the premiere air force in the entire world. They rule the sky and are the very definition of air superiority. The […]
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