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The Heartbeat of OCF

[…]is a strong indicator of the impact that military Christians are having. Often participants in OCF groups who are eligible for membership never join OCF. No one ever invites them to do so. Make it easy. Hand them a Heartbeat of OCF brochure (available from the OCF home office), which contains an application form. Better yet, bring your laptop, go to the OCF website and click on the Join Now button. They can fill out the form online. Important: OCF encourages that at least once a year the leader should invite non-members to join OCF. Help them benefit from actual […]

OCF and Leadership

[…]is a leader. Are we communicating the right message in OCF? Are we focusing on process in training leaders, or are we focusing on vision? Is the question going into an installation Pray, Discover, and Obey, “How many Bible studies do we need?” or is it,”How are we going to build Christian leaders…families…fellowships at our installation?” The first is a process question, the second is a vision-a leadership-question. Ephesians 4:11-16 talks about the leadership model of the church. God gifted some individuals to be apostles, others prophets, evangelists, or pastor/teachers. That is leadership. To what purpose? “…To prepare God’s people […]

Leadership by Example

[…]you straightforwardly is that you must model moral excellence, on duty and off duty, in training and, most important, in combat, 24/7 as you cadets say, and to accept fully that responsibility as your daily duty. Of course, your soldiers will listen politely to what you have to say about what is right and what is wrong, but my advice is to say as little as necessary. For they will take their real cue as to your trustworthiness from your own actions, hour by hour, day by day, battle by battle. As Marshall stated, the responsibility of the officer truly […]
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