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Waging Another War

[…]Man’s Battle, sexual purity is “when no sexual gratification comes from anyone or anything but your wife.”i God’s standard for sexual purity is straightforward, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity”(Ephesians 5:3). Once the books arrived, via donations from my church, I began a weekly study at the FOB chapel. With only about three months left in theater, I wanted to help the soldiers prepare to be able to meet their wives with pure hearts. We discussed the previous week’s reading assignment and corresponding questions from the book’s […]

My Early Christmas Gift

[…]much that He would sacrifice His one and only Son for us, we also give thanks to you for your sacrificial gift of service!  May the Lord put a shield of protection around you and your families. We pray that soon your homecoming comes amid shouts of jubilation and tears of joy! Blessings, David B. Warner Brigadier General, USAF, Retired Executive […]

Share this spiritual gift with your teen

[…]rock. I know better than that. Brian took up most of the tent. He claims I snore! Chilly morning, but not cold. Break camp, much laughter. Drove into town, had a hot breakfast at this mom-n-pop breakfast place, and we get a discount. We fill up most of one end of the restaurant. Delicious food. Hot coffee, good company. Boys are talking about whose father snores the loudest. Brian has biscuits and gravy. Next we drive to a swim site / hot-springs location and enjoy the sunshine. Who can dunk their father? The boys are having a blast; dads, too. […]

Therefore We Will Not Fear

[…]I pulled the candle out of my shirt and lighted it. We were ready to begin where we had left off, but I had one resolve to act on before I wrote another line. Crouched in that clothes locker, I was brought up short with the thought that I had not talked to those two new men about Jesus Christ and what He means to me. As I looked for an excuse, I could find only that I had been “just too busy,” I vowed then and there that the first thing I must do if I ever got out […]
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