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Time, Talent, Treasure: Academies

[…]generation, ” said Tom. “They are so faithful in their selfless service to these young men and women, modeling and exemplifying what it means to be a Christian throughout their lives,” said Bryan. “We couldn’t do it without them!”     ACADEMIES Q&A One of your ministry’s most moving moments? Burt: Despite the culture shock of being one of the few Christians, one of our midshipmen studying at a Middle East university this semester has drawn strength from God’s preparation for him through USNA OCF. Stepping out in faith, he leads a Bible study with other exchange students, praying that […]

Six Generations: 2

[…] action. Jon called out to his men as he literally lurched toward the enemy’s flank, leading the rest of the platoon in this gutsy move. In pursuing the smaller enemy unit, however, they soon discovered they had run into that unit’s larger force, a huge enemy bunker complex with what was later determined was about 100 NVA Regulars and two 30-caliber machineguns trained on them. The action quickly turned into a larger fire-fight in which the 3rd squadron of the 11th ACR eventually became decisively engaged. The ground trembled and opened in wide gaping holes as North Vietnamese Army […]

Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]said they didn’t have time: “You do those things that you want to do.” A senior officer leading a front-line unit in combat who met regularly with others for Bible study and coordinated other spiritual activities across a number of units responded, “It just seemed the thing to do. What should be your attitudes toward the spiritual dimensions of position, authority and rank? What principles can you identify in God’s Word? How can you apply them in your duties? Study and meditate on the following Scripture notes as you answer these questions. Psalm 75 Who really is in control of […]
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