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Three Words

[…]as I loved my Lord and did not want to bring dishonor to His name. In this, as in all other areas, Jesus must be Lord. And as He is Lord, there will be integrity in your life. “Jesus is Lord” will affect your attitude toward your career. Your mission from the Army–and even more from our Lord–is not to reach some particular rank, but to serve your nation and lead and serve your soldiers. Knowing that we are called to this by our Lord frees us from the unreachable drive for personal success, to follow instead the call and […]

Finishing Strong, in Iraq and Life

[…]on dusty hills, they clearly understood the support they provided. During some of my unannounced visits to the troops’ work places, I heard them talk firsthand about how their individual roles were significant and how what they did contributed to the final mission of handing over the infrastructure to the Iraqi army. Our soldiers are professional, dedicated, strong, and compassionate. Yes, they looked forward to getting home to their families and lives on American soil. But in Iraq last summer, morale was upbeat-considering they still had to take cover when sirens sounded “incoming rocket fire” from insurgents. My view is […]

Superhero’s Faith

[…]clear to me. It reads, “Every time the disciples started establishing rules-no children near Jesus; don’t let the crowd touch Jesus; don’t talk to Samaritan women; don’t let people waste expensive perfumes-Jesus told them to knock it off, and His rebuke was usually followed by a lecture that said, ‘You still don’t get it! We are not substituting religious rules with new rules. We are substituting religious rules with Me!‘ Jesus kept saying, ‘Follow Me!‘ not ‘Follow My Rules.’ So most of us have spent our Christian lives learning what we can’t do instead of celebrating what we can do […]
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