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White Sulphur Springs—Summer R&R Session 1

Start the summer right! You'll create lasting family memories and receive an early-bird discount for this week. Speakers COL Al Shine, USA (Ret.) and COL Don Snider, USA (Ret.) will teach on strength and rest, and how those fit together in effective service for Christ.

White Sulphur Springs—Summer R&R Session 4

We tend to read the Book of Proverbs as a list of pithy, moral principles, an approach that only lead to frustration. But by examining the interpretive guide found in chapters 1-9, you can glean and wisely use the wisdom found in the rest of Proverbs.

White Sulphur Springs—Summer R&R Session 5

How can husbands and wives develop godly, joy-filled marriages? Or children be raised to love God and His truth, and pursue holiness? In a world of complex issues with many countering voices, God has provided a clear biblical lens of perspective through His Word for viewing and reviewing our relationships.

White Sulphur Springs—Summer R&R Session 6

More than just students on the mountaintop, our Lord expects His followers to be ambassadors for Him in the valley below. It's through those Christian life fundamentals of Jesus' words in the "The Sermon on the Mount" that believers will be encouraged and exhorted to be students and ambassadors.

White Sulphur Springs—Summer R&R Session 7

Trusting God with our questions, we can believe Him to give us the best answers in His revealed will which leads to His hidden will. And it’s with God’s help that we’ll learn why—and how to fix—that tendency to treat the ones we love the most the worst.

White Sulphur Springs—End of Summer Retreat

What is your part in “Building Christian military leaders, families, and fellowships for a lifetime" in the ministry of OCF? The same God who worked through men and women of deep faith in the past 75 years of OCF is calling godly men and women today to take the baton of leadership for the future.
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