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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]him. In November 1991, two Russian military officers attended an American OCF / CMF conference in Germany. They had been Christians for only a few years. They stated: “We believe that Jesus Christ can change our nation. Pray with us that it will happen.” An Army officer serving as an infantry brigade executive officer wrote from Saudi Arabia about the ways God was working in his division. He recalled his initial prayers when he had received orders to the division in the states: “I had asked God for 20 studies, and believed He could make 30, so I could send […]
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The Space Between

[…]Lord wants. My second active duty station was the 2d Military Intelligence Battalion in Darmstadt, Germany. The Lord let me lead singles’ and family conferences there, which once again helped people get closer to each other and to Christ. God also opened the doors for me to preach at the Kelley and Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne Chapels. The Army sent me to Baghdad for four months, where I assisted in worship services and helped our deployed warriors in their relationships. My current unit is the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion from Ft. Carson. While we were in Colorado, the Lord once […]
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