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White Sulphur Springs Conference Center

[…]& Time: Bible Study meets Sep – May at 1930 Thursday Where will you host your next Bible study? Harrison House is now open to house OCF Bible Study retreats. Sporting a new paint job, renovated bathrooms, and new windows, Harrison House is in the best conditions it’s been in since it was bought in 1978 by OCF. Dates: Sept. 2017-May 2018 // Rates Available Upon […]

A day in the life of OCF

[…]and returning home stronger in the faith.  The finance team works through some financial data, bookkeeping, and processes a check needed for an OCF conference. It is time-consuming and requires complex internal controls to protect OCF’s financial integrity. But the payoff is eternal: Christ is poured into more lives.    1400 While Larry Simpson works out, Bobbie takes time to respond to emails and texts: “Can you please pray?… A friend’s marriage is in trouble… I know you’re busy but I didn’t have anyone else I can share this burden with…” Hospitality ministry flourishes today across OCF land: small group […]

Project Help Afghanistan

[…]was established by Sinise, School supplies, clothes, shoes, etc., were sent to Afghanistan. SPC William Seo, an OCFer who started Project Help Afghanistan while deployed, was sent those supplies and he invited Sinise to be a part of the distribution. Pictures–with SPC Seo in a couple of them–from that November 2009 outreach, are shown as Sinise talks to Bonnie Hunt on her TV […]

For All Leaders

[…]the prophets who were before you.'” Seek accountability from a peer. You’ll need to seek this kind of relationship. No one will come up to you and ask if they can hold you accountable! If at all possible, try to select someone who sees you daily and can tell you when you’ve blown it. Proverbs 27:17 tells us, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” If you’re serious about being at your best, this is a must. Don’t hesitate to seek counsel. Even though you are the commander, you don’t have all the answers and should not be […]
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