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Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers

[…]wrote from Saudi Arabia about the ways God was working in his division. He recalled his initial prayers when he had received orders to the division in the states: “I had asked God for 20 studies, and believed He could make 30, so I could send words of encouragement. I never thought the Lord would do it this way, as we have now discovered a new meaning for ‘divide and multiply’.” God may not give you a vision for your entire military service, or even for your entire unit, but if you pray and ask, He will give you vision […]
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Support Your Chaplain

[…]Jesus Christ. To do this, we must have good opportunities for worship, teaching, Bible discussion, prayer, fellowship, witness, and service. Yet a chapel may not have all of these elements, or some may not be strong. As we mature spiritually, we see that there are no perfect church congregations or Christian groups because we Christians are not perfect people–just forgiven, saved by, and growing in grace through Jesus Christ. Growing in Christ Jesus is just that, and there comes a time or occasion when we are no longer the new convert or the spiritual neophyte. Rather the Lord places us […]

Follow Me

[…]gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). Second, we should seek God and His will every day. Daily prayer and meditation is key to remaining in God’s will for us. This can be done through the use of a “quiet time” or other method of prayer and scriptural meditation. Finally, by focusing on Jesus as our leadership example, we too can disregard the world’s idea of leadership and, like Him, have a clear, focused vision of what God would have us do. While we may never have to give our lives as a ransom for many, we should be prepared to do […]
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