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A day in the life of OCF

[…]four families lodging, making pasta salad for 500 people, hundreds of chairs set up for the spiritual commissioning ceremony, dozens of bridesmaids dressing for a wedding—and a power outage.  Bob and Kelly Plantz, Quantico. Supporting field staff is one facet of field operations director Chris Blake’s ministry of “helping others’ ministries succeed.” One of his East Coast trips includes Quantico, where all Marine Corps officers go several times in their careers, starting with The Basic School. Chris talks about Bob’s Bible studies, with participants from all five of the companies continually coming through Quantico for training. Flexibility and text messaging […]

Financial Responsibility for Children

[…]to be certain everything was paid on time, and I remained the responsible party. Invaluable Lessons There were many interesting responses from the children as each their turn. They were amazed at how much money it cost to run a household. The house payment alone was a check like none they had ever written. They learned conservation when they saw the electric bill each month and not one of them continued to take long showers. Our lastborn worried there would be no money left for her to attend college and that had the added benefit of her beating the bushes […]
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