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Letter to My Sergeant

[…]you are in the cycle of sin we see in the book of Judges (sin, suffering, seeking, salvation), but hopefully you noticed the witness of the Christians in your chain of command. We didn’t put you in a box. Rather, we encouraged and supported you and your family. We treated you with respect, since in America, you are innocent until found guilty. Your battery commander, who wasn’t required to attend the trial, was there all week. You need to know — it took a toll on him too. You asked your First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, and me to be character […]

Mortal Enemies

[…]I have traveled across Japan and the Orient introducing others to the One who changed my life. I would give anything to retract my actions at Pearl Harbor, but it is impossible. Instead, I work at striking the death-blow to the basic hatred that infests the human heart and causes such tragedies. And that hatred cannot be uprooted without Jesus Christ. He is the only answer. Japanese commander Mitsuo Fuchida died in 1976. This is his testimony as taken from the Peachtree Corners Baptist Church newspaper by permission of Col. John M. […]

Service Separations

[…]make them work for you! Marriages can grow even though husband and wife are separated by distance. If nothing else, separations force you to focus on the major good qualities of your mate, rather than his minor idiosyncrasies. When you are with a person all the time, little things like socks on the floor or newspapers scattered all over become progressively irritating. It’s easy to start taking each other for granted. Sometimes a few weeks of separation help to get perspectives back in focus as to what is really important! Once we were visiting the home of friends who had […]

Support Your Chaplain

[…]the chapel.– If the chaplain is a strong preacher and teacher of the Word, that is wonderful.– If not, it does not necessarily exclude that chapel for worship, especially if the chaplain would support you and others in biblical ministry. Perhaps you are God’s chosen vessel for the proclamation of the Word by teaching Sunday school classes, Bible studies, men’s and women’s groups, etc.– You may wish to augment your chapel experience with mid-week or Sunday evening off-base church participation. Submit your personal desires to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You may find that He will lead you in […]

The Line Officer and the Chaplain

[…]Holy Spirit has sovereignly distributed spiritual gifts to a variety of believers. We need one another’s gifts in order to live properly as the Body of Christ. How wonderful and uplifting it is when Christians focus on their oneness in Christ and strive to get along with one another (Psalm 133:1). When Christians are eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit (Ephesians 4:3), the chapel offers opportunities for exciting Christian ministries in growth and outreach. In such a congregation, few are concerned about the denominational background of the others. Their focus (praise God) is on the Lord Jesus Christ […]

The Role of Faith

[…]Paul when he said, “We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. . .” (NKJV, 2 Cor. 4:8-9). In addition to the strength and help you draw from your personal faith, your chapel or place of worship may offer a support group for encouragement. Military chaplains experience deployment and family separation too, and know what you’re feeling. The chaplaincy was the second-most deployed career field in the Air Force in recent years. Who could be better equipped to help you through tough times? […]

The Role of the Chaplain

[…]you are. The military does not–and indeed cannot–recruit only evangelically-minded chaplains. But all is not lost! I have met some liberal chaplains who have been magnificent combat chaplains, and I’ve met some evangelical chaplains I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for. A chaplain does not have to be evangelical in order to care for your people in an exemplary manner. You should not expect your chaplains to use the same evangelistic techniques. Different denominations employ different ways tof sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. If your chaplains are doing things differently than you assume should be done, look deeper into […]

Through A Glass Darkly

[…]daddy when he returned. She’s just too young to remember, they warned. Don’t expect too much, another said. It’ll take time, but they’ll start all over again. With that advice, I purposed in my heart to be different. I would do all I could to give my girls a sense of having a father, even if he wasn’t with them for months on end. Each day we talked about Daddy. We sent artwork and cookies to him and even made a tape or two. When the mailman brought a letter, it was a time for celebration. Daddy would send the […]
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