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Virginia – Williamsburg

[…]are based on available beds, but we have the flexibility to host more if needed. TRACEN Yorktown and Fort Eustis are equidistant from our home, but I am actually stationed at USCG Base Portsmouth. Contact me for directions and more […]

Vermont – Norwich University

Hospitality Home: Carlos and Chris Pinkham Email: [email protected] Phone: (802) 881-3226 Additional Information: We can accommodate 2 adults, children possibly. Will provide breakfast. We have a dog pen for dogs but no room in the house for them since we have two cats. There is plenty of parking space since we live in the country. Located  four miles from Norwich University. Contact for directions and more details. We kindly ask for you to contact us at least two weeks prior to your desired […]

Alabama – Montgomery

[…]a meal if you’re just passing through or overnight stay. Our acreage has a pool, a dog run area, and parking on site. Space and bed configuration varies, so please give us a call or […]

Colorado – Colorado Springs

[…]a meal if you’re just passing through or overnight stay. Can accommodate 5 people. Families and Ladies welcome. No single or unaccompanied men. Garage parking. No pets. No smoking. Contact for directions and more […]

Pennsylvania – Manns Choice

Hospitality Home: Art and Paula Halvorson Email: [email protected] Phone: (410) 562-1535 Additional Information: Willing to provide an overnight stay or a meal if you’re just passing through. We have accommodations for one couple and a barn for any pets that can stay outside. No indoor pets, […]

Oklahoma – Altus AFB

[…](719) 200-5928 or (574) 261-5981 Additional Information: Can provide an overnight stay AND a meal. Can accommodate 4 people. We don’t have any pets. Contact for directions and more […]

North Carolina – Seymour Johnson AFB

Local Leader: Capt Cato McKenzie, USAF. Email: [email protected] Phone: (859) 699-6587 Day and Time: Sundays, 1730-1830. We host Seymour Christian Fellowship weekly at our house on base. We would love to have you no matter your phase of life or walk with Christ. Food is provided and kids are welcome to attend but will play outside/upstairs with our kids during the devotional part of the evening. Contact me for more […]
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