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Follow Me

[…]Benning, Georgia, as well as on the statue that stands in front of Infantry Hall. Despite such current use of this phrase, the greatest impact it had on the world was when a carpenter-rabbi from the village of Nazareth said it to four fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. The Gospel of Matthew records this incident when Jesus called to Peter and his brother Andrew and said to them, “…’Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men…'” (Matthew 4:19 RSV). As a Christian officer in the military today, I need only look to Jesus for the example to […]

The Space Between

[…]where I assisted in worship services and helped our deployed warriors in their relationships. My current unit is the 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion from Ft. Carson. While we were in Colorado, the Lord once again let me lead singles’ and family conferences in the beauty of the Colorado mountains. I also helped lead worship in Prussman Chapel is. We are currently in Afghanistan for a year. Here, the Lord lets me lead a small congregation and visit our warriors throughout East Afghanistan. In all my units, the space between my chaplain assistant and me has shortened, as well as […]

What Right Looks Like

[…]schools but should occur daily. Thus we are able to apply that acquired knowledge to our current job and also pass that awareness on to others. Demonstrate What Right Looks Like Second Thessalonians 3:13 says, “…never tire of doing what is right.” Service in the military is a 24-hour job. People are always looking at us to be the model of integrity, professionalism, and honesty. Is this not even more important in today’s global environment? With the ability of the media to reach out to all corners of the globe and to report on the conduct, or misconduct, of soldiers, […]
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