Project 1

ROTC Ministry Funding Opportunity

$1.3M (projected 5-year total until self-sustaining)

We need a full-time national Director of ROTC ministry to coordinate our staff, many volunteers, and ministry partnership opportunities in reaching this vast and complex, but decisive, ministry field.

About 60% of all U.S. active-duty military officers receive their commission each year through ROTC programs at more than 1,500 colleges and universities across the nation. With such a diversity of geographic locations, effective overall ministry to ROTC cadets and midshipmen is challenging and requires both a strategic approach and extensive resources. Within the next four years, OCF requires funding to create new staff roles at four campuses where often no evangelical ministry has full-time staff directly engaging ROTC cadets: The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, Norwich University, and the University of North Georgia. We then would like to proceed to the remaining top ten largest ROTC programs in the nation.

Other Projects that Require Funding

Here are 4 other projects OCF is seeking to fund. Click on an image to learn more, or visit the Impact front page.