“I’ll meet you at the Mansion!”

If you were ever involved with Officers’ Christian Fellowship at the U.S. Naval Academy, then you know that familiar liberty call. Maranatha Mansion, as hundreds of midshipmen have affectionately called this house, is the historic and beloved OCF ministry home in downtown Annapolis, MD. For over 40 years, Maranatha Mansion has served as both a home for the USNA OCF staff family and a haven of fellowship and discipleship for midshipmen. This house is the integral hub of OCF’s dynamic outreach program to the officers and midshipmen at USNA.

However, making an impact on the brigade comes at a cost.

Ministry at USNA brings a constant flow of traffic through the Mansion, resulting in substantial wear and tear that needs attention now. Additionally, the house was built in 1906 and requires significant repair and rehabilitation to its 111-year-old frame, including:

  • a new sewer line
  • a new expanded kitchen
  • 2.5 bathrooms restored
  • new flooring
  • third-floor modification
  • patio brick work
  • 2 new ceilings
  • carriage house renovation
  • wall plaster
  • and lots of paint.

This will be a multi-phase renovation project with an estimated total cost of $405,000.

The Mansion is ideally located one block outside USNA Gate 3.

This location is vital to achieving OCF’s vision to see “the military community positively impacted through Christ-like leaders.” Decades of powerful and effective ministry at USNA have been facilitated in this Christian home environment, as hundreds of midshipmen lives have been transformed and impacted by the love of Christ.

Think back to your time at USNA.

How did God use Maranatha Mansion to change your life? Please partner with OCF by praying, telling others, and giving your generous financial support so that we can invest in the next generation of leaders and future ministry at USNA.