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A day in the life of OCF

[…]the discipleship luncheon.    1300 In the home office, member care and ministry support director Marci Morris and her team continue a busy day of mailings, database work, and handling member requests. An email from a deployed Marine captain arrives: “Thank you for the card and for praying for me… It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing we are only here to accomplish an earthly mission.” He requests prayer for his pilots, their families, and returning home stronger in the faith.  The finance team works through some financial data, bookkeeping, and processes a check needed for an OCF […]

The Lord—your refuge in a high optempo

[…]time with the Lord begins to fade in all the noise. I’m reminded of the true-life story of Jim Morris in the movie The Rookie, a high school baseball coach who achieves his dream of making it to a major league farm club after being challenged by his players to try out. But the simple joy of just playing baseball begins to fade in the minor league world of travel, low pay, and concern for his struggling family’s welfare. On the verge of giving up, Morris’ wife dissuades him from quitting by recounting their young son’s glowing, joyous face of […]
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