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      Building on a Foundation with a God’s-eye View

      Every planner for ground tactical combat operations knows the value of seeing the area of operations from above. Looking down on the terrain, you see risks, opportunities, and new ways to achieve your objective that cannot be seen from the ground.

      Seeing Around Corners, Part I: A Sure Foundation

      A particularly effective leader sees the ends amidst the overwhelming hubbub of the present. Opposition, complexity, danger, and distracting opportunities threaten to paralyze or draw the leader off course.

      What ‘Right’ Looks Like

      One simple request from a platoon leader in one small group at one location on a single evening. But when multiplied over the weeks and miles of hundreds of Christian fellowships, just consider how the Spirit might work!

      Is ‘fellowship’ a verb or noun?

      This raises a question: “Are we merely in a fellowship or do we ‘fellowship?’”

      A hitch in our giddy-up

      We all have hitches in our giddy-up. Most are wounds within our soul: bitterness, deceit, fear, shame, guilt, and others. They hinder us; they limit us in our service with and leadership of others.

      ‘Go for the honey muscle!’

      Jesus taught often through parables. Every listener could garner solid adages for life. Yet there was a special category of those Jesus taught who received the deep and rich gems that would transform them and enable them in fruitful service to the Master.

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