Welcome to USNA OCF

Our Mission: To engage midshipmen in Biblical fellowship and to provide opportunities for them to develop as Christ-centered leaders through service to their fellow midshipmen.

Who We Are

CAPT James & Juli Baca, USNR (Ret.)

We are the Officers’ Christian Fellowship group at the U.S. Naval Academy. We have a heart to grow members of the military in their Christian faith and connect them to other believers in fellowship. James is the son of a retired Navy officer and a 1991 graduate from USNA. Juli is a Michigan native and Florida State Seminole. They met at church while James was in flight school in Pensacola. They have two sons and one dog.

Ministry in Action

Our Vision at USNA OCF: The United States Naval Academy Officers’ Christian Fellowship midshipmen positively impacting the Brigade and the fleet.

USNA OCF offers a full spectrum of opportunities to get involved, serve, and develop into a God centered leader. We have regularly weekly meetings, Bible studies, individual mentoring, and a variety of weekend events to include service projects, retreats, and informal gatherings at the OCF house located just eight minutes from Bancroft Hall.