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Location: Where God has placed you

More about the volunteer opportunity:

There are times when you may not have a military community nearby, when you are not able to devote the time and energy to fellowship leadership, or when you are developing a new local fellowship, then it is appropriate to be visible in the OCF Directory as an OCF Contact. Here are some key tasks of an OCF Contact:

  1. Welcome transiting personnel, new arrivals, or those just finding out about OCF.
  2. Build relationships with the chaplain(s) and the chaplain team.
  3. Become an expert on the local area so that you can help OCF members get settled or feel welcome.
  4. Communicate with the OCF Home Office by sharing prayer requests, directory updates, rank changes, etc.
  5. Join in OCF conferences and retreats, especially ones at White Sulphur Springs and Spring Canyon.

Point of Contact: Hous Waring

To apply or for more information: or [email protected]