Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by OCF Communications

Location: Remote

More about the volunteer opportunity:

The OCF Communications team is looking for volunteers to help review upcoming OCF Crosspoint podcasts (no audio experience needed).

Volunteers may be asked to review just the interview or the entire episode once produced.

We’re looking for a couple different things from reviewers:

  1. Audio review: Are there any audio issues we overlooked? Including, but not limited to: Volume too low or too loud? Background noise? Interruptions in the audio?
  2. Content review: Including, but not limited to: What were your general impressions of the interview and the guest’s story? What additional questions might be asked on similar topics in the future? What things resonated with you, or what things did not resonate or did you find confusing?

Some projects may require quick turnaround of 24-36 hours.

Point of Contact: Josh Jackson

To apply or for more information:

[email protected]