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Location: Various; near where God has placed you

More about the volunteer opportunity:

Represent the Executive Director in a specific geographical region or area to provide an OCF leadership presence for members, leaders, and co-laborers. The Regional or Area Coordinator develops, grows, and sustains relationships with OCF members, chaplains, and ministry co-laborers.  A coordinator is a catalyst advancing the Lord’s Kingdom via OCF.

  1. Initiate regular connections with Area Coordinators (AC), and where there is no AC, connect with Local Leaders (LL) and key OCF members.
  2. Develop a working relationship with appropriate military installation leaders so that OCF is seen as a valuable non-profit organization positively impacting the military community.
  3. Support the AC or LL in ministry development efforts, seeking to develop OCF Local Leaders both in their OCF role and in their spiritual leadership.
  4. Develop a working relationship with appropriate ROTC unit cadre and students at host schools.  Support OCF ROTC cadre, ROTC ministry partners, retreats, and key events.
  5. Plan, spend, and document expenses for a regional ministry
  6. Ensure the OCF Directory for the region is current and accurate.
  7. Notify the Director of Field Operations when there is potential harm to the OCF body resulting from an individual’s action, group issues, a change in military policy, or similar.

Point of Contact: Colin Wooten

To apply or for more information:

[email protected]