F: Christian Mentoring

1. Pray for a mentor/mentee. Write down your thoughts while praying.

     a. Who might you be seeking, desiring to spend time with?

2. Take action by texting, emailing, calling, or paying a visit to a potential mentor/mentee.

3. Have an initial meeting to determine suitability, desire, and focus.

     a. It is OK to ask, spend time in prayer, and then decide the fit is not good.

     b. If a mentoring fit appears good, swap complete contact info.

4. Once there is agreement to meet, pray about next steps.

     a. Focus of the relationship

     b. Frequency of meeting

     c. Length of each visit

     d. Contingencies if TDY/TADs or deployments come up

     e. Mentoring Relationship Duration (how many months will you plan to meet?)

5. Take time to get to know one another. Share your testimonies, stories, vision, etc.

6. Draft topics for the first 6-10 meetings. Stay Scripture based.

     a. Christian mentoring places the mentoring relationship within the context of integrating faith and military profession.

7. Put a date on the calendar about when to assess to continue/stop.

8. Stay safe. Be transparent. Guard the relationship, the information, and the person.

9. Stay in touch. Short texts are OK.

     a. Pray for one another daily, communicate weekly, meet at least monthly.