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This session addresses the critical role of Christ-followers in the community and in their personal relationships with others. It starts with the truth that our Triune God has been in perfect relationship through eternity and chose to invite His created beings into relationship with Him and with each other. The session then addresses living our faith in the community of believers, with other believers in intimate and serving relationships, in service and witness to others within the community, and as citizens in our form of government. The main point to be captured through this session is: Our faith is lived out in relationships and within the larger community.

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Recommended Resources

The following recommended resources are meant to get you started in each of the six subdomains of Faith & Community Relationships: Small Groups, Co-laboring with the Chaplaincy, Embracing the Culture, Leading Biblical Fellowships, Mentoring and Discipling Others, and Ministry to Internationals. We’ve also included additional resources at the bottom of this page.

Co-laboring with the Chaplaincy

Encourage and support the local chaplain and Christian chapel program.

A Questionable Life

1 Peter 3:15 tells us to always be prepared to give an answer. I call that 'living a questionable life' where you are open to others questioning you.

Embracing the Culture

While we must live in the world, we remember that we are not of this world. We interact with the world so that through our words and deeds we may lead others to Christ.

Following a certain God in an uncertain world

As our culture continues drifting further into a post-Christian neo-pagan worldview, Christ-followers may be tempted to spiritual panic attacks. Especially for those of us striving to integrate faith and biblical worldview into our military profession, how can we remain faithful to our call when policies and programs appear to oppose higher principles and priorities?

Community as taught by minions

Just like the silly banana-eating Minions, each of us was created with an innate desire to belong to a community in fellowship. It’s not just a group of people with similar interests, but a body of believers united for a common purpose.

Beauty amid the ruins

As a servant leader being the hands and heart of Christ to others in life’s tragedies, TSgt Padgett suggested that helping others is as simple as being aware of the ways you can do so.

Leading Biblical Fellowships

Techniques and encouragement for forming, leading, and sustaining a Bible- focused fellowship

Tips for new group leaders

For those who have never led a small group, the prospect of starting such an endeavor might appear daunting and overwhelming given the busy lifestyle of those in the military. Here are tips for the new leader to consider both before and after his or her first meeting.

9 steps to starting a group

Getting a local OCF fellowship started is not difficult. Here are 9 "P's" to keep in mind as you prayerfully consider starting an OCF local fellowship group.

Mentoring and Discipling Others

Ideas and approaches to mentoring and discipling others in the environment of the military.

Sometimes you just need a Sherpa

We all could use a Sherpa when facing new and formidable challenges. Junior leaders and young couples with their abundance of zeal and energy, but with limited experience, particularly benefit from a seasoned guide as they break new ground in life.

Go Make Disciples | Episode 010

Life moves fast. And in the high-tempo, transient lifestyle of the military, do we really have time to pour into someone else and answer the call to make more disciples? The guest for this episode is COL Scott Kelly, USA, and he’ll share his insights on the topic of discipleship.

Small Groups

Benefits and responsibilities of developing strong relationships through small group participation

God’s intentions for the small group

While we may be accustomed to defining the essence of our Christian faith in other ways, Christianity involves not only a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but also an entirely different outlook on life that is grounded in the hope we have for all that God has promised.

Additional Resources

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