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This session of the IF Project addresses the critical role of Christ-followers in the community and in their personal relationships with others. It starts with the truth that our Triune God has been in perfect relationship through eternity and chose to invite His created beings into relationship with Him and with each other. And Jesus modeled it in His earthly walk and sacrifice. The session then addresses living our faith in the community of believers, with other believers in intimate and serving relationships, in service and witness to others within the community, and as citizens in our form of government. The main point to be captured through this session is Our faith is lived out in relationships and within the larger community.

Faith & Community and Relationships

Our community circles range from close friends to circumstantial acquaintances, and from those we know well to those we only pass by as we move through this world. As Christians, we should take advantage of opportunities for interaction with those around us and be prepared for the nudge from God to develop those interactions into relationships.

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