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This session addresses how faith can be operative and honors God in multiple ways as a Christ-follower serves in professional duties. It addresses the gospel nature of labor, a task given to mankind before the fall in the Garden of Eden. It highlights four broad areas in which faith is manifest in the military workplace. The main point to be drawn from this session is that our faith can be integrated fully—and fruitfully—in our professional work and workplace.

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Recommended Resources

The following recommended resources are meant to get you started in each of the five subdomains of Faith & Profession: The Christian Nature of Military Service, Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform, Reporting for Duty, Military Leadership, and Biblical Role of Government in Society. We’ve also included additional resources at the bottom of this page.

The Christian Nature of Military Service

Religious Rights and Responsibilities of Those in Uniform

Reporting for Duty

Military Leadership

Biblical Role of Government in Society

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