About OCF

The Need

OCF seeks to help Christians in the military society and their families grow together in their relationship with God and others, and to unite them in biblical fellowship and outreach, and encourage each other through prayer.

How OCF Fills The Need

OCF fills this need for biblical fellowship and prayer in five key ways: Prayer, Small Group Local Fellowship and Outreach, Leadership, Conference Center Ministry, and Publications. 

  1. Prayer: OCF seeks to obey the Bible's teachings on the disciplines of prayer.
  2. Small Group Local Fellowship and Outreach: OCF maintains an extensive network of small groups throughout the military society.
  3. Leadership: OCF activities provide development of officer candidates, cadets, midshipmen, and officers and their families for spiritual leadership in units and military communities.
  4. Conference Center Ministry: Spring Canyon (CO) and White Sulphur Springs (PA) provide sources for biblical fellowship, teaching, and outreach to military people and families, as well as opportunities for spiritual, emotional, and physical refreshment and renewal for military believers.
  5. Publishing: OCF communications offer a variety of effective means for informing, instructing, and inspiring military believers to live biblically in the armed forces, including publicizing and educating people within and outside of the military on the purpose, nature, and work of OCF.

These Core Competencies allow OCF to focus its energies and resources on actions that promise to bear the greatest harvest for the Kingdom of God. Download OCF's Core Competencies here.