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      How do you handle success?

      We all love success. It feels good—certainly better than failure. But success can easily become a stumbling block if not handled humbly and wisely.

      Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God

      How does a faithful walk with Jesus give life, context, and direction to the exercise of military leadership? What opportunities do I have for doing good for others’ welfare and for God’s glory?

      Bold to act

      Without boldness grounded in faith, we’ll see little transformational effect. Without godly purpose and wisdom, boldness can be rash and destructive.

      A Salve for the Scars

      So much of today’s culture dwells on victimhood, on wounds that seem resistant to heal. Christ-followers don’t deny the wounds but come alongside the struggling wounded to offer the salve secured by the scarred, yet now Risen Lamb’s victory over sin and death.

      Avoid Cursor Creep in Your Life

      For His disciples, God gives direction. Develop a habit of checking your tendency to slide off the course He sets. Seek and find that direction in all parts of life: personal, family, professional, and community.

      Go … Going’ly

      Transitions are certainly a challenge, yet also filled with the potential to renew, refresh, and revitalize. Let’s do our part as leaders for the latter three.

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