From the Executive Director/CEO

We rejoice in God’s provision and remain exceedingly hopeful for our future!

Against the backdrop of a fallen world and an increasingly secular culture, Officers’ Christian Fellowship is thriving. God continues to bless this ministry in countless ways. From excited young service members and brand new believers to seasoned retirees and lifelong followers of Jesus; from battlefield Bible studies to Chapel sanctuaries; throughout military society and out into the world, this Fellowship continues to advance God’s Kingdom for His glory.

The exercise of biblical leadership describes what Christian officers do through the integration of faith and profession. We teach military leaders how to combine religious and professional aspects of their lives into one integral whole, to meet their military obligations in a manner consistent with their Christian value system. People determine what they think about God by what they see in His followers, so it emboldens us to live out our faith in ways that honor Him with our lifestyle, words, relationships, social awareness, service and the strength of our commitments.

Financially, OCF ended fiscal year 2020 (1 June 2019 – 31 May 2020) in a strong position despite the challenges of COVID-19.  This is a testimony to the faithfulness of God and the generosity of our donors. Thank you for partnering with us in “Building Christian military leaders, families, fellowships…for a lifetime!”

Col Scott C. Fisher, USAF (Ret.)

Audited Finances for Fiscal Year 2021

Total Income

Contributions: 71.9%

Revenues: 25.8%

Other Income: 2.3%

Total Expenses

Field Ministries: 14.8%

Conference Centers: 51.4%

General Ministry: 22.1%

General and Administration: 5.7%

Fundraising: 6.0%