Faith & Military

  • A Cannonball Life in a Toe-Testing World

    Jump on in! Living completely sold out to God is a lot like doing a cannonball into a pool--not on the edge of toe-testing mediocrity.

  • A Christian Officer's Toolbox

    We cannot allow ourselves to be defeated by perceptions that Christian activities will not be tolerated in the military.

  • A Good Soldier

    Tom Hemingway reflects on what it means to be a good soldier.

  • Against the Flow

    We talk about tough, but we don't know tough.

  • And the Verdict Is?

    How would a jury of your peers judge your Christian walk?

  • Being a spiritual point man

    There may be times when you're discouraged, when your spiritual strength and confidence may be shaken, or when you grow tired from the high spiritual operational tempo. Do not lose hope! Though the tactical situation may appear to be in someone else's hands right now, the final strategic victory is sealed by Christ's death upon the cross. So grab your gear, and get ready! You have the point today.


  • Beyond Butter Bar

    Often unseen in life's "lucky breaks" are the preparation, prayer--and waiting--for the opportunities from God.

  • Celebrating the Empty Tomb of Jesus Christ

    Go back in time as we explore the places and events, through the lens of Scripture, shaping the most dramatic event in the history of the world-the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

  • Christians in Combat

    There are pursuits that are worthy of pain and tragedy.

  • Christlikeness

    The Body of Christ must embody godly attributes in order to reflect Christlikeness (2 Corinthians 3:18) to the watching, waiting world.

  • Combat Readiness

    We must renew our commitment to study, discuss, pray over, and apply God’s Word to every aspect of our lives, knowing that we have the victory in Christ.

  • Comfort Amid Cruelty

    Even after two deployments, I still don’t understand how mankind can be so cruel and thoughtless. My only comfort comes in this hope—knowing that God loves and cares for that little Afghan boy. And when that boy dies a week or two later after leaving the care of an American hospital, God will take his little hand, make his mangled body whole—and welcome him into glory. 

  • Competition

    Promote healthy competition while encouraging others to “Love thy neighbor as thyself."

  • Courage Rushed In

    All fear vanished and courage rushed in.

  • Cross Road

    A series of stark white crosses on the side of the road served as a wake-up call.

  • Decisive Difference in Leadership

    Sgt York is an example for us all.

  • Double-Minded

    May we boldly encourage the lifestyle our mottos, creeds, and principles promote--in order that we may not be put to shame.

  • Expecting God’s Unexpected

    In both the mundane and milestone events of life, will you be ready when God "finally" answers your prayers?

  • Following the Centurion

    In the occasional doubts we must all feel as Christians in an occupation of arms, the New Testament centurions are worthy role models.

  • From Military to Ministry

    As we interviewed several OCF members who have moved from the military into vocational ministry, we found their answers very insightful, and trust that you will, too.

  • Getting Intentional in Your Marriage

    Thriving Christian marriages reveal prayerful planning and purposeful intention.

  • God’s restoration for the wounded soldier, healing warrior

    Since warfare in and of itself is ultimately the warfare of our soul and spirit, we have the choice of allowing our healing to proceed through our spiritual maturation instead of succumbing to substance abuse to mask problems. Ultimately our ability to be healed, or at least cope with our issues, is based upon spiritual healing.

  • How Shall We Pray?

    I have asked myself, how should we pray? There is no easy answer.

  • I Only See Green

    The Son of God is many things to me, but racist is certainly not one of them. I see only green, my Savior sees only hearts.

  • Ice Cream in Iraq

    Ms. Ryan's Second Grade Class asks some questions about life in Iraq.

  • Implicit Trust

    Simple faith and trust in the Word brings eternal salvation, forgiveness of sins, and life everlasting.

  • It Didn't Surprise God

    Imagine--the same God who fashioned the heavens and earth, and made man in His image--knew this would occur.

  • Join us for a Day of Prayer

    Officers' Christian Fellowship is asking all members and friends to join in prayer and fasting to lift up the ministry of OCF and seek the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

  • Laborers and Laboring as Unto the Lord

    God's promise to His laborers and their labor is Rock solid.

  • Lessons in Leadership...from a Squadron Janitor

    William Crawford was an unimpressive figure, one you could easily overlook during a hectic day at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Mr. Crawford was our squadron janitor.

  • Looking Back

    As you move through God's chosen career for you in our military, don't forget who your Commander-in-Chief is. You can trust Him.

  • May A Christian Serve in the Military?

    A question that each Christian solider must consider.

  • Parade of Thanks to Our Military

    Armed Forces Day, a Saturday full of parades, festivities--and opportunities to thank our military for their service.

  • Passion for Leadership

    Passionate leaders always strive to fight for the men and women they lead.

  • Persist in Prayer

    As Christians in the military, we ought to see the parallels between persistence in life and persistence in prayer.

  • Please Join Us in Prayer This Week

    The North American AMCF Week of Prayer starts Sunday, and all OCF members and local fellowships are encouraged to come together in a concert of prayer for military personnel, veterans, and their families. It runs through 28 January.

  • Pray Discover & Obey

    Make important decisions with the confidence that God has revealed His direction.

  • Predictions for 2011

    These things will be true. Count on it!

  • Preparing for Active Duty

    What should cadets expect from OCF during an Air Force career?

  • Presidents Day

    Presidents Day: Just what are we celebrating?

  • Professional Excellence (Harrison)

    The Christian officer should strive to be the very best professional officer possible within his or her abilities, in accord with Christian faith and conduct.

  • Situational Awareness

    If you're in your thirties, you are living in a generational, social, and professional gap by no choice of your own. This positioning brings tremendous professional and spiritual challenges; and opportunities.

  • So You've Been Passed Over

    I found being passed over to be the most freeing thing that has happened to me in my walk with Christ. 

  • Soldier and Christian

    Your duties as a soldier are consistent with the highest Christian values.

  • Soldiers of Faith: Washington

    George Washington was a great commander because he acted upon his personal moral convictions.

  • Some Thoughts for Christians

    What is the relationship between Christians and politics?

  • Spiritual Battle Plans

    I didn't realize what a difference my weekly Bible study and chapel service made until I went nearly four months in Iraq without them.

  • Spiritual Success

    As you develop your leadership skills and responsibilities, consider making the following habits a part of your daily routine.

  • Stewards of God's Image

    Christian military women can become influencial leaders by embracing the fullness of their identities as women made in Christ's image.

  • Stoking the Fire

    Got fire for the Lord? Keep it burning by stoking your flame.

  • Strong to the Finish

    God is at work in the midst of your struggles, helping you learn more about the love, strength, wisdom, and peace that only He can provide.

  • Strong Tower

    Proverbs 18:10 is a marvelous verse. It describes both protection and direction. "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe."

  • Superhero's Faith

    "Follow me!" sounds like an adventure--the full life that Jesus brings!

  • The Challenge of Distress

    Distress is our motivation for prayer.

  • The faith of our fathers

    Beyond the neckties and barbecues that many dads will receive this Father’s Day, an oft-overlooked aspect of the annual event is the lasting influence fathers pour into their kids. The faith of our fathers, whether in pursuit of godliness or carnality, is a key component of the strength or the decay of our families and society—and also how we view God, our heavenly Father. He’s our ultimate, eternal Father, the Creator of the universe who longs for the love only each one of us individually can give Him.

  • The Full Armor of God

    Force protection begins with the armor around the soul.

  • The Jungles of War

    How well do you reflect the gospel in the pain-filled eyes of a frightened seven-year-old girl whose grandparents you just helped kill?

  • The Power of Prayer

    Certain events in life give us a new and tangible appreciation for the power of prayer.

  • The Religious Rights of Those in Uniform

    As both a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a Christian, have you ever wondered, "just what exactly are my rights to freely express my faith in Jesus Christ-even while in uniform?"

  • The Selflessness of Their Sacrifice

    Memorial Day is a somber reminder of what military selflessly puts on the line for our nation--and each of us

  • The Ultimate Freedom of an Uncaged Eagle

    Victory over adversity. It's something Dick Toliver knows well, this great-grandson of a slave, who grew up in dark days of the pre-civil-rights-era South. Despite the shackles of poverty, racism, injustice, he fought to become a highly decorated and accomplished Air Force pilot.

  • The View from the Top

    On my RMH adventure I had a close-up encounter with God and great fellowship with other Christians in stunningly beautiful scenery.

  • The Wonder of Worship

    It's beautiful to contemplate the nature of deity and to bask in His glory.

  • Three Words

    Jesus is Lord! These three words can mark what you should, can, and will be in your life.

  • Visiting Those in Prison

    Prison visits are powerful ministry opportunities for OCF small group fellowships.

  • Waging Another War

    Waging war against sexual impurity starts in the battlefield of the mind.

  • Walking

    Difficult but triumphant is this life in Christ.

  • Wax the Car

    Every time that I struggle with times in my life where He is stretching me, I remember to simply, "wax the car…sand the floor."

  • We Honor Them

    General Don Rliey reflects on how we welcome home our fallen heroes.

  • We Know This Place Too Well

    When we know how much we can't understand, we witness the birth of awe, wonder, and adventure.

  • Welcome to the Desert

    The Lord has brought you to this place for His purpose, and He will not rest until you are fully prepared.

  • What Works for New Officers?

    Ten habits of highly effective Second Lieutenants and Ensigns

  • Will you embrace the Christ of Christmas?


    Soon, Christmas nativity scenes and all the Christmas season trappings will be packed away into storage for another year. But the unopened package-the Christ of Christmas-remains for the taking, offering lasting hope and future beyond our often dreary, heart-breaking world.


  • Working for a Difficult Boss

    We all have to serve or work for someone at some time in our lives.

  • Wrestling with Depression

    Keep these thoughts in mind when facing depression.