About Hous & Tami

Hous and Tami, both graduates of the Air Force Academy, served as Christ’s ambassadors in the military community for 25 years. Early in their marriage, they wrote down a vision statement that helped frame family priorities, commitments, and decisions involved in the raising of 9 children. Each Waring child considered OCF’s conference centers as types of home. Now grandparents, the Warings serve as OCF’s Director of Field Engagement.

Parenting Military Kids

Hous & Tami Waring

Hous and Tami are frequently asked to talk about parenting and raising children in the military. This four-part video series will answer a lot of questions and encourage parents, singles, and couples alike. There are no one-size solutions to teaching kids, so let’s look at the biblical theology that drives Christian parenting and the education of children. Hous and Tami will use the Scriptures, practical illustrations, and questions from you to consider how children will flourish in the military family God has placed them in. Get out your Bibles and notebooks, and follow along!

In this series

There are links to watch each session on YouTube, or scroll down to watch video sessions on this site.

Session 1: What’s God Doing Through the Family?  |   Watch on YouTube
Session 2: How Has Sin Affected Parenting?  |   Watch on YouTube
Session 3: What Is the Mission of the Family?   |  Watch on YouTube
Session 4: What Are You Preparing Your Children For? Watch on YouTube