Michael Helton

LTC Michael Helton, USA

Education: U.S. Military Academy, BS, 1998; University of Missouri-Rolla, MS in Engineering Management, 2003

Present Assignment: Commander, 35th Engineer Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Ministry Involvement:

OCF member since 2011; Sunday school adult bible study leader, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2011; praise band member at chapel, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2014-2015; assisted Chaplains with establishing new chapel service, volunteer worship leader, usher, guest preacher in chapel, Fort Leonard Wood; current OCF small group leader, Fort Leonard Wood; motorcycle ministry since 2011

Personal Testimony:

I’m very fortunate that I was raised in a loving Christian home. However, I did not start taking faith seriously until my first deployment to Iraq in 2004. I roomed with my battalion chaplain and asked Jesus into my heart with my whole heart after attending his Bible study in Baghdad. This is when I believe I was born again.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for OCF?

For OCF to increase its positive impact on military communities and the spiritual fitness of all ranks by engaging non-commissioned officers through formally establishing NCOCF. Local NCOCF leaders could work closely with local OCF leaders to build up a wider population of leaders in their faith. NCOs are the backbone of the Armed Services. Providing opportunities for building them up in their faith and producing more effective Christian/servant leaders will impact countless soldiers (and young officers).

Nominated By: CH(COL) Marc Gauthier, USA; LTC Tom Schmidt, USA (Ret.); Kori Yates (separated USMC 1Lt); MAJ Kyle Yates, USA

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