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Lt Col Kevin Boden, ANG: “Gospel Seasons: Building Blocks for Home Schoolers”

About the speaker: Kevin and his wife, Wendi, have 8 children and became homeschooling parents in 2008.  Kevin is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL) and received his J.D. from Seattle University.  Kevin served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years a Judge Advocate, allowing he and Wendi to homeschool in three different countries and five states.  Kevin has served three years in the Alaska Air National Guard he continues his service as a Lt Col as a drill-status Guardsman.  Also, as HSLDA staff attorney and Director of Global Outreach, Kevin serves as the primary contact for members in 12 states and directs HSLDA’s international program, working to expand homeschooling freedom around the world.  He is passionate about the freedom to homeschool, the blessings of being a husband and dad, and most things outdoors.

About the topic: Stacking blocks is often the first skill a baby learns. Why? It’s an important skill because it requires coordination. Similarly, balancing the building blocks of homeschooling families also entails a synchronicity that often seems out of reach. This week will provide practical, whole-family approaches to schooling at home from a Christ-centered worldview. Come and be encouraged as we consider the building blocks unique to home schooling families.

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