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Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by OCF Communications

Keith Peck: “Ecclesiastes: When All You Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough”

About the speaker: Keith has served in pastoral ministry for the past 45 years. For 30 years, he and Gale ministered in Annapolis, where their church supported the Nav, Cru & OCF ministries at USNA. Keith and Gale now serve OCF in the role of Pastoral Care. They are blessed with 5 children and 17 grandchildren (who live in 5 different time zones).

About the topic: Ecclesiastes begins with “the words of the Preacher”. Yet as you read, it is unlike any sermon you’ve heard. The sermon’s theme is “meaningless, meaningless”. This seems so strange. And yet its strangeness provides an honest portrayal of the common human experience of people everywhere as we grapple with the perplexities of making life work “under the sun”. Solomon’s strange sermon invites us to engage this perplexing life more fully “under the SON”.

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