A Biblical Perspective

The Bible, God’s inspired word, depicts His love, salvation, and the sacrificial act of Jesus Christ. It also narrates tales of battles, from Israel’s conquests under divine guidance in the Old Testament to the Roman soldiers’ encounters in the New Testament. LTC Bob Cary and LTC Hal Winton present a six-part study aiming to guide military professionals on infusing biblical principles into their roles. The study covers topics like leadership in the Bible, Joshua’s leadership, Nehemiah’s prayerful approach, wisdom in the New Testament, the intersection of professional excellence with faith, and addressing success and failure with a godly mindset.

The six chapters are titled:

  • God’s Good Soldiers—Soldiers in the Bible
  • Joshua’s Godly Leadership and Consistency
  • Nehemiah’s Godly Prayer, Delegation and Action
  • Godly Wisdom and Authority—Soldiers in the New Testament
  • Godly Excellence—Professional Excellence and the Christian Officer
  • Godly Responses—How to Handle Success and Failure