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Colorado Spings area (hybrid)

More about the volunteer opportunity:

SUPERVISOR: Director of Operational Initiatives (DOI)


  • Facilitates acquisition, preservation, arrangement, description, and access to existing OCF ministry products in all formats
  • Works closely with the Dir of Operational Initiatives to complete organization, preservation, and description of the collection that resides in a digital format.
  • Maintains and updates an archival database of the collection (all formats).
  • Assists ministry staff and members interested in accessing the collection.
  • Appraises the materials, determines preservation and conservation issues, and determines best practice for resolving issues.
  • Advises the Content Targeting Team regarding issues with renewal of resources that have potential evergreen value.
  • Assists in facilitating the process of converting selected resources into appropriate digital format that can be shared/disseminated across the OCF ministry.


The OCF Archivist position requires experience with and understanding of archival techniques and related technology. Content management is a supporting skill. The Archivist must possess good interpersonal skills and be able to facilitate ad hoc teams comprised of OCF staff and volunteers focused on the archival challenge. Must possess Biblical knowledge that is coupled with an understanding of how to apply the Scripture within a military culture.

WORKING CONDITIONS: This is a volunteer position. Although it may be accomplished from a remote work location for tasks, there will be a need for the individual to visit the OCF home office in Colorado Springs on occasion to manage holdings that exist in hardcopy format only. May require sitting for long periods of times.  Requires reaching continually throughout the workday (i.e. mouse, keyboard). Requires regular use of phone. Use of stairs may be required.

Point of Contact:

Bill Rue

To apply or for more information:

[email protected]