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More about the volunteer opportunity:

SUPERVISOR:  Director of Operational Initiatives (DOI)


  • Facilitates the conversion of existing OCF products residing in hardcopy format into text.
  • Works closely with the DOI and Comms Team to help prioritize the selection and prioritization of work.
  • Advises the Content Targeting Team regarding conversion issues with select content.


The OCF Copy-Typist is an accomplished typist with the additional skills of proofreading and document editing.

  • Fast and accurate typing skills are required in order to transcribe files quickly. The average typing speed for transcriptionists can vary, but these professionals can usually type between 60 to 80 words per minute. Efficient typing skills can also help the individual make fewer errors, which helps save time when editing their work.
  • Strong editing skills to ensure their transcripts are accurate. Exceptional knowledge of orthography, including grammar and punctuation, will help to document recordings accurately.
  • Source documents in hard copy will typically be articles and notes from speaker presentations. However, they may also include handwritten notes from meeting minutes, talk, presentation or sermon.
  • Knowledge of the Bible will help to ensure scriptural references are captured and/or corrected accurately.
  • A good working knowledge of computers and appropriate programs they need to use to perform the conversion function.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  This is a volunteer position. The position may be accomplished from a remote work location. Very limited travel is anticipated to support responsibilities discussed above. May require sitting for long periods of times. Requires reaching continually throughout the workday (i.e. mouse, keyboard).  May require regular use of phone and email.

Point of Contact:

Bill Rue

To apply or for more information:

[email protected]